www.batternearby.com offers services for which user is liable to accept the terms and conditions as specified. The detailed terms and condition for using batterynearby.com are described and it is requested that you go through it to understand the liability and start using our services. Using batterynearby services or subscribing to it indicated that you have to go through the detailed terms of using the services or subscribing to it by any means possible. It is also presumed that the terms and conditions have been understood to the full extent as intended by the company to be expressed. Any disagreement with the terms and conditions of using and subscribing means that you are not using our services and choose to withdraw from it.


www.batterynearby.com is an e-commerce website which means that the user can use third-party services through its portal. Batterynearby comes under the complete ownership of Atreya Matrix Private Limited which is a commercial entity organization established under a law specified by the Government of India and passed thereby. Using the batterynearby.com services and subscribing to it after reading the terms and conditions in the original form as specified by here, without any alteration or modification whatsoever. The term of use and conditions specified here can be changed without prior notice by the company. The changed term of the user is automatically applied to the user accessing the services of batterynearby.com by any means. The company possesses complete right to deny any user from subscribing and barring from using our services. The reason for which can or cannot be expressed by us.

State of Conditions

The commercial transaction made or contact made between the buyer and seller through our website batterynearby.com stands legally between the two parties i.e. the retailer and the buyer only. The business done between the two entities includes the price of the product, any additional costs price of accessories, logistics cost, delivery-related cost, type of delivery option opted by the buyer, method used by the bought to accomplish the payment of the product bought. Batterynearby does not act as a mediator between the two entities and hence have no control whatsoever over the transaction and commerce dealt with between buyer and the seller. The website also does not advise or involve itself from controlling user behavior on acceptance or denial or services offered by the third party. The product bought through Batterynearby.com contains the warranty, guarantee, quality assurance as specified by the seller only and it is not up to the batterynearby.com to represent any of these specified. It does not control the quality or warranty of the product or service offered or sold by the third party seller. We do not endorse, promote implicitly or explicitly any product that is exhibited on our website. Any human or machine error is not the responsibility of the batternearby.com.

Batterynearby will not be liable for any security breach, quality issue, product malfunction or contract issue between the two parties i.e the buyer and the seller processing commerce through us. It is not up to the batterynearby to act as a mediator in case any issue arises between the two parties.

The warranty of the battery or product or services bought on Batterynearby is not represented by us. The user is requested to quality check the product and verify the bonafide before dealing with the seller.During the transaction and deal between the buyer and the seller, the product that is being sold and bought will not be in procession of Batterynearby.com at any given point. The logistics are not our responsibility. In case of any delay, malfunction of the product, service issue, item damage, we will not be liable for any refund. Batterynearby does not hold any right to the brand or title of the products and services that are sold by the third party. We have no interest whatsoever in the product marketing. Any type of contract between the buyer and the seller does not include Batterynearby by default.

The user while buying the product or service from batternearby shall independently agree upon the way and terms and conditions of delivery, payment, insurance etc. with the seller(s) that you simply interact with. Pricing on any product(s) as is reflected on the Website may due to some technical issue, typographical error or product information published by the seller may be incorrectly reflected and in such an event seller may cancel such your order(s). Once the product is bought from the seller by the user and in case any issue occurs it’s between the seller and user only. The user cannot indemnify Batterynearby platform and any of its representatives from any value, damage, liability or alternative consequence of any of the actions of the Users of the website and specifically waive any claims that you simply might have during this behalf underneath any applicable law. You will notice alternative User's data to be offensive, harmful, inconsistent, inaccurate, or deceptive. Please note that there might be risks in handling persons or folks acting under misdemeanor which will not be taken care by Batterynearby.com.

Registration and User Account Security

The user can make an account on batterynearby.com in order to register himself or herself on our portal. The process for which is available on the website itself. You can register on the website by entering the required information as mention in the sign-up form. The accomplishment of the registration process will give your user ID and password which can be used to access the user account on the batterynearby.com. The thing to be noted here that the website is not liable for any misuse of the user account by another person without his or her prior knowledge.

Every activity done by the user under the registered account is complete responsibility of the user. Logging in to the registered account by entering the user ID and Password gives addition service access that is not available for an unregistered user. The user should also take care of logging out of the account after the current session has been completed. However, the user can report any unrecognized account activity that takes the user suspicion under any condition.

Batterynearby.com is involved in enabling the user to access various kind of online Internet-based services. We provide an effective website portal which brings the car battery, inverters, bike battery, battery service and repair and another such type of products dealers on a single online platform to meet the user’s need for any of the formerly described items. The user is free to choose the product completely based on his or her will, the preference of which will not be in hands of the company.

User Information Use Authencity

The user using the website batterynearby.com for personal use or any other use hereby agrees to be the part of the Privacy Policy of the website. You have read all the terms and conditions carefully and understood all the terms specified within it. The user information that is collected by us at the time of registering a new user account is used to provide an enhanced interface for accessing our services. The information thus collected by such means can be used or disclosed by the company if needed under specific circumstances.

Limitation on User

The content on this website is the whole property of batterynearby.com and is unavailable for reuse for commercial or personal use. All the content present on this website, the photos, policies and other are owned by batterynearby.com only. Any copy of this, reverse engineering, distributing for any person of the commercial benefit, reproducing, a display for the public is strictly prohibited. If any part of this property is needed to be used, it should be taken after approval of the written permission by the outside entity.

The brand Battery nearby is also the copyright property of the company and is not allowed to use it on any other website for commercial or non-commercial motive and any alteration or misinterpretation of information conveyed here.It is to be noted here that the website batterynearby.com is an online internet based platform that connects two parties willing to proceed business. The need of one party is taken care b another for the transaction made for the service. The batterynearby is not a mediator and do not control in any manner the transaction between the two by any means.

Website Regulations That are Being Enforced

The Batterynearby.com is an e-commerce website and provide a platform for sellers to sell their product online using internet service. The website can be accessed by anyone and is used by users after agreeing to our terms and conditions. However, the website has certain rules of conduct that is applied to everyone using this. Below are the detailed provision about using the website Batterynearby.com. All right are reserved to the company itself of managing the content on the website. All types of alteration, modification, adding a new module, deleting any pre-existing module, editing is the sole responsibility of the company only.

Any type of content that does not correspond to the current terms and condition of Batterynearby.com will be rejected.Information that misrepresents or misguide anyone in any way is not allowed. All type of content that includes any of the following will be rejected. If the information conveyed

Contains offensive material to a social, religious, sexual, organizational or government community. Or promotion of vulgarity, pedophilia, sexual exploitation, bigotry, hatred towards a community or individual. Attempt to harass any individual or advocating any such attempt made by another person or Any attempt involving unwanted or spam messages or junk mail or Content promoting any kind of activity that has been declared illegal by the state authority or Any act resulting in infringement of any individual or group of people. The copyrighted property, products that are available on the website is present there after the permission of the owner. It may not be redistributed or be used for commercial or personal benefit from our website.Any type of content that pose threat to a person, state, nation, is illegal under the law, pose a grave threat to any government or non-government organization is prohibited on Batternearby.com.

Information regarding the user that needs to be entered in order to register a new user account. We reserve the right to use and disclose the user information or material on the website that is the sole property of the company. The information disclosing criteria includes any party that is felt suitable by the Batternearby.com. The organization can be any government or non-government entity. An activity that includes any illegal action, soliciting any such activity, any action resulting disrespect of law or any element that is prohibited to disrespect in law. The user is prohibited to involve himself or herself in any kind of activity that includes, advertising, and solicitation of any kind. Batterynearby reserves the right to restrict the message, exchanges, emails that are being exchanged on our portal. We need to do so in order to protect the user interests and develop a safe commercial platform.

Batterynearby will and the user using website services herewith expressly authorize Indian government and any entity attached with it or authorized by this conjointly disclose any reasonably info relating to you to enforcement or alternative governmental officers, as we, in our sole discretion, believe vital or appropriate in reference to the investigation and/or resolution of attainable crimes, particularly people who might involve personal injury.

There is a certain amount of possibility that any unknown user may tamper with the website in an illegal way and may involve in posting the things which are not as per the standards of the website. The post made by such ineligible means may contain elements of hatred, violence or other such materials. The responsibility and liability of such post or comment will not be possessed by the Baterynearby.com website. The user fills be responsible for the contents of the post made or comment on the site. The case described here which is indicating any such comment or post which contradicts the policies of the site does not represent the views of Batterynearby.com under any condition.

We do not take any responsibility for such comment made by any user whether registered or not registered on the website. In case of any illegal activity, we will not be liable for any legal action to be made against.

The users association to the business contract with the third party that is the seller in case of buying the product, or any effort made in order to promote the product, any type of personal or commercial endorsement entity, which can embody payment and delivery of connected merchandise or services offered by us Batterynearby.com, and the other Terms & Conditions, warranties or symbolizations related to such transactions, are solely between you and such publicist. Batterynearby shall not be responsible or in charge of any loss or injury of any kind non heritable because of the results of any such dealings or because of the results of the presence of such advertisers on the online portal. We do not involve you in approval of such unauthorized use of our website. The type of information that is shared by the user on the website public section is not the responsibility of batterynearby.com. It is advised that the user uses his discretion before posting any material on the website. Kindly go through the information that is to be posted on the website in any form.

Content, Products, Information that is exhibited on Batterynearby website is regulated thoroughly. We have complete right to monitor content in order to filter any offensive material or material not matching out terms and conditions. However, it is to be noted down that we do not have any type of liability or responsibility in this regard. The company choose to do it or not do it is its own decision. The above-mentioned rights are under the sole authority of the Batterynearby and although we are monitoring the website the user will possess the responsibility for the information posted in form of comments or any other form on the public display area available on the website Batterynearby.com or its forum.

Product Warranty Included Regulated By

You, as the client of the site, need to ensure and confirm that you are the proprietor of the substance, which you have submitted or generally guaranteed to utilize the substance and the substance does not break upon the property rights, protected innovation rights or different privileges of others. You additionally warrant that as far as anyone is concerned, no activity, suit, continuing, or examination has been organized or debilitated identifying with any substance, including trademark, exchange name benefit stamp, and copyright previously or at present utilized by you regarding the Services rendered by Batterynearby.

Product Information Exactness

We do not undertake any guarantee of the product bought on Batterynearby.com and any warranty included with that is also not the responsibility of the company. Nature of any item or administration bought or acquired by the client of the site may not live up to their desires. The ownership of the content that is any type of text, photographs, information that the user provides will be the sole responsibility of the person who is doing so.

Here we declare that our site contain third party link that are governed by different policy here are the details. Batterynearby may contain connections to different sites which are referred to Linked Sites. The Linked Website is not under the control of Batterynearby and we do not control in any kind the substance of any connected sites, including without confinement any connection contained in a connected site, or any change or refresh to the Linked Website. We do not undertake any charge of any type of transmission, in all the conditions, got by the client from any third party website that is linked to our site. We are giving these connections to the clients to act as a source of recommendation and accommodation helping in consideration of these connections do not suggest underwriting by us or the Website of the Linked Sites or any association with its administrators or proprietors including the legitimate beneficiaries or doles out thereof. The users need to confirm the exactness of all data previously attempted any reliance on such data.

Warranty and its Disclaimer

The user visiting Batterynearby need to know that we have endeavored to guarantee that all data gave on its site is correct and the exactness has been taken care of utmost importance, however we neither warrant nor point any sort of outline with respect to the quality, precision or wholeness of any information being released by us, data, item or Service. We can not and will not be obligated for any immediate, aberrant, corrective, coincidental, extraordinary, noteworthy harms or some other harms coming about because of the utilization of service in terms of access to change in client’s transmission. Also, if any issue arises out of identifying the issue with his administration, any unjustified restriction.

The website Batterynearby be in summon of the postponement or lack of ability to utilize the site or associated administrations, the state of or inability to create Services, or for any information, items, benefits, and associated illustrations got through the site, or generally occurring out of the use of the site, regardless of whether bolstered contract, tort, thoughtlessness, strict obligation or something else. Further, we tend to should not be ordered accountable for non-accessibility of the site all through occasional upkeep operations or any unintentional suspension of access to the site that will happen because of specialized reasons or for any reason on the far side our control. you must grasp and concur that any material and in addition learning transferred or typically got through the location is completed utterly at your own specific caution and hazard and you may be simply to fault for any injury to your laptop frameworks of data of knowledge that outcomes from the transfer of such material or probably information.

Clients consents to reimburse, safeguard and hold innocuous Batterynearby from and against any and each one misfortunes, liabilities, claims, harms, costs and costs including legitimate expenses and distributions in relationship with that and intrigue blameworthy consequently proclaimed against or brought about by Batterynearby that emerge out of, result from, or could likewise be owed by goodness of, any break or non-execution of any representation, guarantee, pledge or understanding made or commitment to be performed by them as per these Terms.

Warranty and Product liability

The company will not take any responsibility and do not be control in charge of any broken stock or any wounds resulting from utilization of any stock. we tend to don't give guarantees on any battery or batteries. The maker of the batteries territory unit in charge of any assurances and certification made on the battery. the information identifying with batteries, we offer to our customer, is confined to the information gathered from the overall population space and outsiders. All showed batteries in our list won't be possibly available in light of detachment of the battery or alternate reasons. Real shading and measurement of the battery could take issue from the screen picture.

The site Batterynearby.com make all endeavors to keep the adequate stock and a load of all item on our site however the character of our administration makes it exceptionally intense to remain a track of all item stock at totally extraordinary areas continuously. At times, an item that square measure appeared available won't be accessible. In such cases, our customer mind group can educate you concerning a comparable by means of email/telephone. you'll at that point select the other exchange item or remain up for the arrangement of the stock or scratch off your request. On the off chance that you might want to cross out your request, at that point the amount paid by you (if there should be an occurrence of credit/platinum card or web saving money) will be discounted at interims five days of such cancellation. The discount will be made to the MasterCard or financial records you utilized for the securing.

Items Information Regarding Correctness

The site and its any component Batterynearby.com tries to be as exact as could reasonably be expected. Nonetheless, Batterynearby.com does not warrant that item depiction or another substance of this site is precise, finished, dependable, current, or mistake free.

The User is not allowed to resell the product being bought by our site from the third party.

The user concurs not to recreate, duplicate, copy, offer, misuse or exchange for any sort of business utilizes, any piece of the administration, utilization of the administration or access to the Service.


In respect of use of the site we offer consent to guard, repay and hold innocuous Batterynearby.com, its representatives, executives, officers, specialists and their successors and doles out from and against any cases, liabilities, harms, misfortunes, expenses and costs, including lawyer's charges, caused by or emerging out of cases in view of your activities or inactions, which may bring about any misfortune or risk to Batterynearby.com or any outsider including however not restricted to rupture of any guarantees, portrayals or endeavors or in connection to the non-satisfaction of any of your commitments under this User Agreement or emerging out of your infringement of any relevant laws, controls including yet not constrained to Intellectual Property Rights, installment of statutory duty and duties, case of slander, criticism, infringement of privileges of protection or attention, loss of administration by different endorsers and encroachment of licensed innovation or different rights. This condition should survive the expiry or end of this User Agreement.

Termination of Agreement on Batterynearby

Once the user is associated with our portal the agreement between the parties that is We the company and the end user comes into effect. This agreement remains effective until any of the party involved formerly terminates the agreement. In order to end the agreement, it is mandatory to write to the company a formal latter through Indian Postal Service. After the process is completed from both sides the agreement will no longer be in force.

We have the right to terminate any agreement from our side only. In any case that the company finds any user inappropriate as violating any company terms, it can terminate the user.


The website Batterynearby.com contains headings and subheadings that are laid out are incorporated for comfort and characteristic proof simply and aren't planned to portray, decipher, characterize or confine the degree, degree or purpose of the Terms or the privilege to utilize the website by you restricted so or another section or pages of the site or any connected Sites in any manner in the slightest degree.


The portal Batterynearby.com contains different types of terms that represent the specifics. These terms should apply similarly to both the particular and plural type of the terms characterized. At whatever point the condition may require, any pronoun might incorporate the related manly and female. The words "incorporate", "incorporates" and "counting" should be accepted to be trailed by the expression "without constraint". Unless the setting generally requires, the expressions "in this", "in this regard", "hereto", "hereunder" and expressions of comparable import allude to the Terms all in all.

Report Activity Terms

The content posted on the website does not go under detailed review before appearing in the public view area of the site. Batterynearby doesn't check, reinforce or for the most part guarantee for the substance of any customer or any substance generally exhibited or exchanged on the Website of Batterynearby. You can be thought about authentically accountable for their substance and may be held legitimately obligated if their substance or material join, for example, unfriendly comments or material confined by copyright, trademark, and other things. Any activity that comes under the category which violates the terms and conditions of the website, it can be reported to the company by sending the mail to support@batterynearby.com.

Copyright and IP Rights

The company here declare that any explicit item or else determined or anything restricted despite what might be expected or any exclusive material possessed by an outsider thus explicitly specified, www.Batterynearby.com claims all Intellectual Property Rights to and into the Website, including, without constraint, all rights, title and enthusiasm for and to licenses, copyright, related rights, exchange names, utility models, benefit marks, trademarks, know-how, outlines, exchange insider facts and developments (regardless of whether patentable or not), source code, altruism, databases, meta labels, content, content, symbols, designs and hyperlinks. You concede and concur that you should not utilize, duplicate or disseminate any substance from the site, which has a place with www.Batterynearby.com without acquiring endorsement from the organization.

Legal Process to Be Followed

The majority of the antecedently mentioned laws can be administered by and developed in cooperation with the laws of the Indian Government and its entities while not relevance strife of laws esteems and conflicts rising in association hereto ought to be vulnerable to the restrictive skilled of the courts at Mumbai (India).

If any course of action of the Terms is resolute to be absolutely or fairly prohibited or unenforceable, such unsatisfactory quality or unenforceability ought to attach just to such condition or part of such condition and whatever remains of the bit of such condition and each other condition of these Terms may continue being in full power and effect.

Privacy Policy on The Site

Privacy Policy of Batterynearby.com is described here and all the type of user information that is collected through the website and the policy of using the data for an enhanced user experience or for other reasons can be found here. Upon creating the user account user is asked to accept the privacy policy and other terms in order to continue using the services of the websites.

Batterynearby.com hereby declare that it takes no liability of any sort of incident or consequence with respect to the terms of use and user agreement.

What data and information are collected?

The site Batterynearby improves the user interface by saving certain user data. This site is given to help you to pick things to address your issues. To do this we ought to get certain individual information to serve your demand. The information that you give us will then be passed by us to potential providers who will use that information to profit your demand/inquire. Sharing of individual information. Some amount information can be disclosed if required to do all things considered by law or in the immense certainty conviction that such introduction is sensibly imperative to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or another legitimate process. We may uncover singular information to law prerequisite working environments, pariah rights proprietors, or others in the considerable certainty conviction that such revelation is sensibly imperative to: execute our Privacy Policy; respond to claims that an advancement, posting or other substances manhandle the benefits to secure the rights, property or individual prosperity of our customers or the user.

Batterynearby.com and its branches will share a couple or most of your own information with another business substance should we (or our points of interest) plan to join with, or be acquired by that business component. Should such a trade happen, to the point that distinctive business substance (or the new combined component) will be required to take after this security methodology with respect to your own particular information?

For each new visitor to the website we automatically log certain information about how you are using our website. If your computer browser is set up to accept them, we use a feature known as a "cookie" which contains information that is stored on your computer hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies allow us to make our website more useful based on stored information about your preferences when you visit our website. If you do not wish for information to be recorded in this way, you are able to configure your browser to refuse cookies or to notify you when you have received one. We use third-party service providers to serve ads on our behalf across the internet and sometimes on this Website. They may collect anonymous information about user’s visits to our Website, and Your interaction with our products and services. No personally identifiable information is collected or used in this process. They do not know the name, phone number, address, email address, or any personally identifying information about the user.

Copyright Content Regarding Third Party Included

The website Batterynearby.com is a registered trademark and is copyright of our company. Its utilization fully or partially, together with reiteration or putting away it in entire or half, besides for your very own, non-business utilize is disallowed while not the authorization of Batterynearby.com. The website names and logos and each one associated item trademarks region unit the images or administration signs the company. Every single distinctive stamp zone unit the property of their few firms. No trademark or administration stamp permit is conceded in reference to the materials contained on this site. Access to the present site doesn't approve anybody to utilize any name, brand or stamp in any way. All types of consideration on this site to any names, checks, stock or administrations of outsiders or machine-meaningful content connects to outsider sites or information territory unit gave alone as a comfort to you and don't in any strategy speak to or suggest Batterynearby.com underwriting, support or proposal of the outsider, information, item or administration.

Rules of Copyright Dispute

The company and the website Batterynearby.com understands that some content and stuff that is present on the portal can contain copyrighted material. We do not promote misuse of copyright content in any form. You can inform us of any copyright infringement on our site at support@batterynearby.com.

Liability on The Website

For queries please contact support@batterynearby.com